Monday, July 4, 2011

The Optimistic Spider in the Wind...

As I sit here waiting for the dark and the celebrations to officially take hold, I see a silk line capturing the sunlight...looking up the branch, I realize it's a Spider trying to make the connection to the next limb.  I wait and watch, and see her waiting, hoping the wind will let her connect the thread, but I don't see her; I just see the thread moving with the wind, nothing at the end to tether it.  Then I catch a glimpse of a 2nd thread capturing the sunlight..the blues and reds of the white thread; a Spider's rainbow.  And then I see her...dangling at the end.  Will the wind carry her to her destination?  Not right now, as I see her pull back up...waiting...waiting... Tonight, I am rooting for the optimistic Spider... Pax Friends!

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